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"An indie with a science-smitten heroine and a continental touch, reminiscent of the cinema of Eric Rohmer in which the eros is contained in radiant, refined conversation.” –Gerald Peary, The Arts Fuse

"Not your cookie-cutter, boy-meets-girl, fall-in-love, mass-produced blockbuster movie. An intelligent sort of love story... guaranteed to sweep you away." –Amy Calder, Morning Sentinel 

"Exquisite -- top 10 festival films of 2019 you haven't seen yet." –Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle 

“A small, unassuming film, but one that contains multitudes.” –Stephen Saito, Moveable Fest

“A bittersweet love story about two people coming together in an indifferent universe. It’s lovingly directed, it’s wonderfully photographed, the acting is excellent; in terms of movie-making it’s a prime example of where less is actually more. I found it moving and refreshing and funny and thought-provoking and very smart… there’s not a frame I would lose.” –Tim Sika, KGO

“A metaphysical walk-and-talk, it's a brainy movie, and clever, too... the acting and cinematography are top-notch." –Jeffrey M. Anderson, Combustible Celluloid 

"See this film! My friends and I were talking about it for days afterwards. It's a visually gorgeous, mentally-stimulating meditation on love."   –author/advice columnist Joey Garcia

“A clever romantic drama that explores the gulf between expectations and realities. It features two beautiful lead performances, gorgeous cinematography and a tender, soulful screenplay.” –Randy Myers, Mercury News

“A wise, insightful work that deserves to be seen by as wide an audience as possible.” –Pawel Wieszczecinski, Kinoscope 

“So full of marvelous ideas and language. Wonderful ending, too." –David Hudson, Criterion Daily 

Around the Sun is what happens when your favorite epistolary romance novel gets incarnated as a movie—one with speculative, sci-fi leanings, notions of time travel, a perfect cast, and ravishing camera work.” –author/journalist Mark Oppenheimer

“A charmingly accessible dialectic on time, space, attraction and connection. Clever without being show-offy, and warmly, winningly acted… an ideal first-date movie.” –Michael Fox, KQED

“An elegant drama, romantic and tinged with sci-fi, gorgeously shot.” –Pam Grady, San Francisco Chronicle

"Two people who meet outside a Normandy chateau play out several versions of their encounter in this accomplished, involving miniature." –Daniel Eagan, Film Legacy

Execution-Dependent Films presents Cara Theobold Gethin Anthony “Around the Sun”

Casting by Vicki Thomson, CSA CDG Director of Photography Michael Edo Keane MUSIC by STEVEN GUTHEINZ 

WRITTEN by Jonathan Kiefer Produced and Directed by Oliver Krimpas 

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